Thursday, December 01, 2011

Arthur Beetson dies at 66.

When I was in high school growing up in Sydney, Big Artie Beetson was an unstoppable, hard tackling prop for the Roosters (Tigers and Eels as well). He also appeared as a Queensland State of Origin original. Because the opposing packs couldn't put Artie on the deck, he offloaded the most sublime passes to players like John Peard and Russell Fairfax who would dart over the line for yet another Artie-inspired try. Artie was remarkably light on his feet for a man of his great size and his cunning, feigning manoeuvres resulted in many individual tries up the middle. He was also one of the toughest tacklers - able to smother man and ball. The spear tackle was also in his fearsome repertoire. We salute you big Artie Beetson - greatest prop of them all. Rest in Peace.


Mike Larder said...

from Mike Larder G'day Mark...picked up Running Amok at my library. Couldn't put it down. Great read. I had a brief two week experience in Tl about a year after the Dili murders.(I'm a photojournalist). Planned to go back for another look this year. Thanks for tying a lot of that chunk of mayhem and murder into greater perspective. I'll take the book with me if I make it. I've been carting One Crowded Hour around S/E Asia for years.
All my ABC (-:

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